Our Social Media initiative was
we needed a Professional company
to stream line the same.
Blue did for us!!

AIR Team

Connecting people with
‘voice of the sky’ via social media


All India Radio, also known as Akashvani – ‘voice of the sky’, is the official national public radio broadcaster of India. Reaching out to a population of 1.2 billion people through 416 radio stations, it is one of the largest media organizations in the world. The 262 broadcasting Centres spread across the length and breadth of the country reach out to 99.18% of the Indian population spread over about 91.85% of the national area.

The advent of new technology and digital media has taken people off radio as a means of entertainment and information. Competition from TV and online news resources as well as private radio stations operated locally was also proving to be a challenge. Under such circumstances, there was a need to raise awareness about the authentic AIR programmes that have had a long standing history as well as new programmes being delivered through constant upgradation of technology. The aim was to increase the number of people following these programmes. We used Social Media channels to reach people spread across Kashmir to Kanyakumari, even remote areas like Siachen in the north. The other target area was Tamil Nadu in the south.

AIR broadcasts programmes in 21 major languages in its home services. We started by understanding the complex structure and scheduling of the shows aired on All India Radio. Then we recognized and defined the ideal listener profile and started targeting them on Social Media. There were some old videos which we started uploading on YouTube building a strong connect with the audience. We worked to boost the reach of all existing primary channels including Vividh Bharati, FM Rainbow(102.6 in New Delhi), FM Gold(100.7), FM Radio Gold (106.4) in major metros, state of Tamil Nadu, Kashmir(Radio Kashmir) and other parts of the country.

We posted on an average 8 to 9 posts on Facebook each day. The focus primarily was on youth. The idea was to re-connect them with the novelty of radio, the emotion it evoked for the past generations and pass on this legacy to them. We analysed and found that interaction on the posts peaked between 6 and 11 in the evening. We thereby rescheduled most of the posts between 6 and 11 ensuring that we reached our target audience at the right time.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Blog

We started working the very first month. The average number of visits per day increased to 25. This was a proof that we were successful at increasing awareness through Facebook. On an average there were 20 on-page reviews. We further started blogging and streamlined the themes and layouts for AIR thereby getting the following results;

  • Increased page reach to 1000 unique/new visitors per day.
  • Increased page likes by 36%
  • Reduce the page unlikes by 50%
  • Attracted 200 subscribers in the first month


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