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A prominent leader in Uttarakhand for Indian National Party. He has spent most of his life in public service, held office as Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and is a Rajya Sabha member as well. With reference to state politics, he has now become a national level leader, contesting for central elections to be held in 2014.

The name & ideas of our client needed a larger audience. Majority of people who knew his name were either of the older age group or didn’t feel connected with him because of the lack of knowledge on his ideas on public and social issues. The client’s team had tried to bridge the gap through FB, but was largely unsuccessful. Only 900 likes were present on FB with not much active response. This was predominantly due to the fact that language was an issue.

We first understood the ideas of the party and more importantly of the leader. Based on this, a scheduled engagement plan was set. We regularly started putting information about events, opinions and public service messages. To boost likes, we started advertising on FB, targeting people from our client’s constituency. A twitter handle was also created to connect with younger voters. We started to receive likes, but still the engagement level was not incredible.

We then reassessed the target audience and found out that the majority of the population from the constituency was not well equipped in English language. To test this, theory we started posting messages in Hindi script (Devnagri) & the results were incredible.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Alerts
  • FB Ads
  • Social Mention

Within 1 month, we increased 10,000+ likes on FB page. These likes were 60% from paid advertising and 40% came organically. FB events helped a great deal to increase the attendance in actual events; attendees also started engaging by means of sharing their pics and views on the respective FB Event Pages. The newly formed twitter handle also picked up pretty quickly amassing 50+ followers within a week.

Our daily posts also showed great engagements, with an average of 350 likes, 30 comments and 15 shares on posts. These numbers were due to the usage of right language i.e hindi, posting on right time and mainly because the posts were always on current issues with communication focused on public benefit.


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